Salted liquorice meringues - anyone ?

Some time ago we made a cake with the boys.  You know, marzipan butterflies, glitter and all. To change from the normal cream and jam filling, we actually filled it with lemon curd chantilly and salted liquorice. So delicious.

To those who love the salted liquorice I mean. The taste for it seems to be somewhat Finnish. I don't think I know anyone non Finnish who enjoys the black sweets. At least the Husband seems to have some kind of a gagging reaction just by the sight of them.

Anyways, as we had both the egg whites and the salted liquorice leftovers, I decided to make some meringues with black spots.

Nothing is easier to make than meringues. I know, everybody thinks they are difficult, but really - it's just patience you need - and of course a clean bowl, whisk, sugar and eggwhites with no traces of yolk in them. Not being of the patient kind myself, I actually succeeded in making meringues only after I got the kitchen mixer. Now I can just forget it on for a while and do other things.

Minimeringues with salted liquorice

Put the egg whites (3 in this case) to the mixer bowl, install the whisk and put the machine on for a few minutes. You can add a couple of drops of lemon or lime juice if you want. Helps the whites to foam. Empty the dishwasher to keep you occupied.

Add sugar (2-3 dl) and put the machine on. Put the oven on (130 celsius - no fan) Fill the dishwasher with everything in the sink and lying around in the kitchen. Check on the kids (shout from the kitchen - not a good idea to leave the machine alone). When the egg whites have formed stiff peaks the meringue is ready.

You can mix the salted liquorice (Turkish pepper crush here) to the eggwhites now - or just sprinkle it on them before putting them to the oven. You decide.

Use a piping bag or two spoons to get the meringues in the form you want. Put them to the oven and leave for about 30min. Turn the oven off and leave the meringues in to dry for the night.

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