Angry Bird goes cakey

One of Toto's favourite toys is a little Angry Bird. It makes birdy lauhging sounds when the right button is pushed and that sound often tells where to find the little rascal. It was quite clear what his birthday cake should look like.

I don't actually know how well you know these characters - they are from this game by the Finnish company Rovio. In the game the bad little piggies have stolen the eggs from the birds, who as a result have gotten extremely angry and go after the piggies for vengeance. Sounds quite silly doesn't it ? But all the children seem to love both the game and the related merchandise.

I'm not artistically talented at all (remember my lemon tart), so it was my husband doing the decorations (again). Not bad I'd say. Even though I forgot to clean the rest of the icing sugar on the top...

Under the marzipan layer the cake had alternating layers of vanilla sponge cake, cacao sponge cake,  mascarpone cream and chocolate ganache cream. 300g of chocolate and 250g of mascarpone made sure that this is not a cake for those on a diet, but then... how often can you celebrate the 2 year birthday of your youngest son ?

Yep, you guessed right - the same argument is valid for every birthday and in our family we celebrate birthdays 5 times every year + once for the cat.

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