Summer is the time for simple cooking

Oh dear, I've been a naughty girl. I so planned to update this blog in English at least once a week, but... On the Finnish side I've bee mostly blogging on books and general blabbing, but food has been rare. Not that we haven't been eating. "Petits pois" i.e. peas straight from pod, strawberries, ice cream etc. Only ice cream would make a subject for cooking (I actually need to tell you about our new favourite flavour combination and the new product - at least here in Finland - that actually saved my ice cream life and made the ice cream machine obsolete)

Anyways, today I wanted to write about one of our BIG summer favourites. Not much cooking but packed with flavour.

Courgette slices with tsatsiki

Slice the courgette. Mix some flour with salt and pepper on a plate and cover the slices with the mixture.

Grate half a cucumber and mix a little bit salt with it. Leave to drain for 10 minutes and squeeze then all the excess liquid away. Mix with 1,5dl of Greek yoghurt. Add a teaspoon of honey, half a garlic clove (grated) and salt and pepper. Leave to wait.

Heat some olive oil in a pan and cook the courgette slices on medium heat. A few minutes on both sides. Just to make the beautifully brown on the outside and a little softened in the inside. 

Serve immediately outside on the terrace.

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