Another blog...

Yep, one more blog to this blogisphere (is there such a word ? )

I already have another blog, but its all in Finnish. In order to keep my English on a somewhat usable level, I've decided to start translating at least some of the articles in Ja kaikkea muuta into English and might even write something just for you not willing to take a plunge into the English-Finnish dictionary. Feel free to comment on potential (probable) mistakes in the language and vocabulary. I might even take your corrections into account.

A word of warning to you now expecting recipes of  reindeer and blueberries. Although those ingredients do occasionally appear in our kitchen, we mainly cook familyfood of international reputation. Pizzas, lasagne, macaroni casserole, salads of different sorts are the regulars.

Yes, you guessed it. We have children. Three of them to be precise - all boys. In addition to me & sons, there is also the Husband (of French origin) and the Cat (non pedigree origin).

I'll most probably be rambling on other domains than kitchen also
, especially reading (fiction) - or anything in general that happens to catch my attention.

Welcome to "This (kitchen)life" - I hope you'll be many.

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