Summer decadence...

I think I promised to tell you about the new product on the Finnish market that'll make the ice cream churner obsolete. It can probably already be found on other markets, but here it has been the well kept secret of professional chefs. I'm talking about the glucose sirop - the one made from wheat.

Some say it is just another useles and potentially harmful additive. I don't know about that (need to do some further research at some point) but I do know that I've never had home made ice cream as creamy as easily. So I'm betting on the fact that I will not be making ice cream so often that any fattening effects of the glucose sirop would have an impact on my children, at least not more than the usual desserts we have at home (or the cream in this recipe).

This must be the best chocolate ice cream ever - and I've sampled a few during the last... well, a few decennies.

Summer decadence in the form of chocolate ice cream 

4 dl of cream (the liquid one that can be used for whisking chantilly or making crème anglaise)
4 dl of full fat milk
8 egg yolks
2 dl of sugar
2 dl of glucose sirop (Dansukker)
a couple of handfuls of dark chocolate (here Valrhona Caraibe 66%)

Whisk the egg yolks and sugar till blond foam. Heat the cream, milk and glucose sirop to the boil.

Put the cholocate in a bowl and pour enough cream mixture to just cover. Leave to melt and stir even.

Pour the rest of the cream to the egg foam and whisk vigorously. Mix with the chocolate ganache and put the whole ice cream mixture to a bowl that you can freeze and leave to cool.

Once cool, place into the freezer and whisk a couple of times during the freezing process. I only had time for a couple of rounds right in the beginning, but that seemed to be enough. The ice cream consistency next day was just like in the best of dreams.

Serves best with coffee.

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